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The Big Blue

91 x 152 cms

£5,995 (inc VAT)

Ref: The Big Blue

Painting: Resin, Acrylic, Pigment on Wood.

The ‘Seascape’ collection has been inspired by my love of the ocean. The simple beauty, vastness and power of the ocean reflected in these works.

Multiple layers of resin have been used in order to get the required movement and depth seen in each piece.

Wood panels are used, resulting in a heavier piece than canvas, due it’s sturdiness and durability. Canvases can tear over time.

The wood panel is first primed and then acrylics & pigments are been mixed in to colour the resin before it is applied and manipulated to create the desired effects.

This piece was made large to have presence and portray the power and strength of the ocean, feeling movement in the piece with the gushing water and foam on the surface of the sea.

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