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Amy Louise Exhibition

Saturday 1st October 1-3pm

We are thrilled to welcome the immensely talented Amy Louise to Montague’s Gallery for her highly anticipated exhibition.

You can meet Amy on Saturday 1st October 1-3pm when she will unveil her new collection of original wildlife paintings.

Amy is widely recognised for her depictions of feathered and fluffy flamingos and has painted them in all manner of guises. From small singles, family gatherings and even coffee tables, Amy's flamboyant flamingos are in high demand and strut their way into new homes as soon as they are released!

The characters that Amy portrays are as amusing as they are adorable! We are encouraged to create the characters in our mind, guided by the look in their eyes as they stare back at us! She offers only a glimpse of the personality of these mesmerising creatures and as she illustrates them in enchanting acts of colour and form.

Amy’s portraiture is as renowned for its wit, as it is for its distinctiveness. The beguiling detail of the subject is juxtaposed with the softness and simplicity of its background and this, along with the bold bitumen outlines, ensures the work exudes energy and charisma.

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Fun In The Tub

Daisy Dairy

Tall Trio


Kimberley Harris Exhibition

Artist Appearance & Exhibition Saturday 2nd July 1-3pm

We are thrilled to announce our summer exhibition with Kimberley Harris on Saturday 2nd July 1-3pm.

Meet Kimberley in the gallery and view her spectacular new collection of original landscape paintings with a glass of bubbles.

Kimberley's increasing popularity on the contemporary art scene has cemented her position as a leading landscape artist resulting in her originals being incredibly sought-after.

With the scarcity of originals on the market, this is a unique opportunity to view an entire collection of Kimberley's oil paintings under one roof.

Renowned for her depiction of untamed fields in her unmistakable textured style, the detail that Kimberley paints in makes every blade of grass appear so tactile and truly immerses you into the scene.

These picturesque compositions of crisp, smooth skies are contrasted with the jewel toned flowers in heavily detailed foregrounds offering a sense of emotion and atmosphere.

This is a highly anticipated exhibition postponed from 2020 and we are so excited to showcase Kimberley's new collection and for you to be able to meet her.

RSVP: / 01923 263311

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Keep Me Safe 2

The Evening Light

IMG 2538

Kimberley Harris Exhibition


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