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Andrei Protsouk Exhibition & Appearance

Thursday 16th April 7-9pm (to be confirmed)

We are very excited and delighted to announce that one of our most prestigious artists, Andrei Protsouk, will be exhibiting and making a personal appearance at Montague’s Gallery on Thursday 16th April 2020.

Join us then between 7-9pm to meet Andrei in person and hear the fascinating stories that lie behind each piece in his collection of sensational art.

All art will be available for purchase and can be personally dedicated by Andrei.

Andrei Protsouk is one of the world’s leading figurative artists. Born in the city of Donetsk in the Ukraine, Andrei studied a Masters in Fine Art at the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersberg. It was here that he became the protégé, and one of the last students, of Evsey Moiseenko – a world-renowned contemporary of Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso.

Originals by Andrei Protsouk are in high demand and commissions have been completed for Coca-Cola, George W. Bush, Imperial Cosmetics and Johnnie Walker Expo, to name but a few.

RSVP: / 01923 263311

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Silent Note Unframed

Paradise Latte

Tides Of Venice

Andrei Protsouk Exhibition & Appearance

Dale Bowen Exhibition & Appearance

Saturday 16th May 1-3pm (to be confirmed)

Hugely popular artist Dale Bowen will be making a personal appearance at Montague's Gallery on Saturday 16th May 1-3 pm

You are invited to join us as the former Wedgewood potter turned professional artist exhibits his art and performs a live painting demonstration. His unique, quirky artworks are packed with bright, vivacious colours and texture. With bunny rabbits and teddy bears taking rides in hot air balloons, deep sea diving cows and sheep flying rockets into outer space, Dale Bowen's art never fails to make you smile.

More recently, Dale has added marine scenes to his artistic portfolio. Featuring sail boats travelling across ocean waters, this latest style of Dale's has proved to be incredibly popular with many of these pieces selling within days of arriving at the gallery.

During his time in the Wedgewood prestige department, Dale Bowen created many notable commissions including pieces for the Queen Mother's 100th birthday. His works were exhibited extensively in museums around the world.

This will be a great opportunity to not only meet the artist but to witness him in action creating another eye-popping creation bursting with colour and fun in what will be a fantastic day out for all the family.

RSVP: / 01923 263311

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Clash Of The Titans

Shooting Star 2


Dale Bowen Exhibition & Appearance

Leigh Lambert Exhibition & Appearance

Saturday 12th September 1-3pm

We are thrilled to welcome Leigh Lambert back to Montague's Gallery for another highly anticipated exhibition.

Meet Leigh in person and view a collection of his unmistakeable art depicting scenes of childhood nostalgia. All art will be available for purchase and can be personally dedicated by Leigh.

This urban landscape artist has been dubbed 'a modern day L.S. Lowry' with industrial backdrops featured heavily across his artworks. Leigh juxtaposes these monochromatic backgrounds with splashes of bright colour that relay the excitement and energy of youth.

Shortlisted as ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ with the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards, Leigh Lambert is recognised as one of the most successful living artists in the UK. Dozens of Leigh’s limited-edition releases are sold out with his publisher; the demand for his original oil paintings has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Leigh's work has been recognised by art collectors as having great investment potential as well as being inherently beautiful works of art. Many collectors have waited up to two years for a commissioned original oil, making Leigh's art increasingly sought after.

RSVP: / 01923 263311

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Spring Into Action

Give Us A Wave Dad

You Ve Missed A Bit

Leigh Lambert Exhibition & Appearance

Meet The Artists: Emily Crook, Hue Folk & Jacquie Boyd

Saturday 14th November 1-3pm

We are thrilled to welcome artists Emily Crook, Hue Folk and Jacquie Boys for a joint exhibition on Saturday 14th November 1-3pm at our final event of 2020.

These rising stars of urban art, their edgy and contemporary compositions of fashion, culture, pop and street art are merged together with icons from popular culture.

This will be the first time that these three artists have exhibited at Montague's Gallery and we are extremely excited to be showcasing a collection of work from such talented artists.

All artworks purchased at the event can be dedicated personally by Emily and Hue Folk.

RSVP: / 01923 263311

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Alice Loves Shopping

The Magic Carpet



Never Get Caught 2

Fantastic In The Morning

Meet The Artists: Emily Crook, Hue Folk & Jacquie Boyd


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